How To Use The Ab Circle Pro For A Total Abdominal Workout

If you are looking to buy the Ab Circle Pro or already have it, you need to know how to use the equipment for the best possible results. Many times people buy fitness machines and do not do half the exercises they should do with them. Then a lot of people decide well the equipment is useless and it does not work. The following article will give you some points so that you get the best out of the Ab Circle Pro.

  1. The side to side movement as shown in the instruction video gives a very light cardiovascular work out. You are not going to burn 500-1000 calories by just using the machine. The equipment is primarily for abdominal resistance workout. This means the abs are going to look more defined when you strip off excess body fat.
  2. The Ab Circle Pro is an excellent way to work the obliques. The side to side motion allows the obliques to get a constant workout. It's important to keep your head straight with your back relaxed at all times for the right post, and work the target area.
  3. Going back to the previous point, the correct body posture and positioning allows your thighs and buns to get a workout also. Again you are getting a resistance workout that will show more tone in weeks to come.
  4. In my opinion if you weigh more than 220lbs it's worth shifting some body fat first. Women will find the Ab Circle Pro very useful for toning and getting a good overall workout.
  5. One of the best ways to get a good abdominal workout is to keep doing as many repetitions as possible. You will notice your abdominal muscles burning up. This is a good way of getting the muscle toning you want.
  6. The Ab Circle Pro are one of the machines you need to pace yourself with. There's no point getting gung-ho and doing workouts as fast as you can. If you can spare some time you can really put your core muscles through their paces.
  7. Have you ever worked out on an empty stomach the first thing in the morning. Does your stomach feel like it's churning? It's the fat that is burning and being used up for energy. Use the machine first thing in the morning or go for a run, your stomach fat will begin to shred quicker than you would imagine.

The key to getting the most out of the Ab Circle Pro is consistent use, eating a nutritious healthy balanced diet and getting regular exercise. The equipment has further improved with comfortable knee padding allowing your knees to feel comfortable through.

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The Blast Radius

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Simple Bum Exercises

Bum exercises are they effective can bum toning exercises get you back that firm pert bottom.

In order for you to have the perfect bum you need to concentrate on the gluteus muscles these are the three muscles that make up your buttocks.

Like all muscles those in your bum need to be used and exercised if you are sitting down for long periods of time this can increase the likelihood of sagging and loss of shape.

We do not really use our gluteus on a daily basis but it is comparatively easy to get them firmed and toned.

Overall lifestyle does of course have an impact on all the muscle groups in our body poor diet lack of exercise with result in poor muscle tone including those in your bum.

There are however some simple steps you can take to get the bottom you desire walking especially up or down stairs is a cheap and very effective way of working your gluteus so next time you are going to take the lift or escalator think take the stairs and give your bottom a quick workout.

Exercises you should consider to target your gluteus include hill walking jogging dancing these give your gluteals a rigorous workout swimming is also an excellent way to tone and shape your bottom.

Remember a healthy well balanced diet regular exercise will not only give you that perfect bum but will help you feel and look better all over.

Always talk to your doctor or medical professional before starting a new fitness regime.

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The “22 Day” Ab Workout (NO REST!)

Have abs year round –
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Are you ready for an ab workout challenge that is suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced? In this video,…


Menopause, Weight Gain and Hormone Replacement Therapy

With the onset of menopause, there is a possibility of gaining weight due to the changes in the hormone levels. A few symptoms of menopause include vaginal dryness, sleeplessness, dry skin, hot flashes and bladder problems. To be relieved of these symptoms, one can undergo a treatment or a therapy known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

In hormone replacement therapy, estrogen and progesterone are given in either form of pills, skin patches or vaginal creams. Studies have proven that hormone therapy not only reduces the menopausal symptoms but also the risk of osteoporosis and increases the life span. Hormone Therapy can also be administrated on a woman who has undergone hysterectomy. However, only estrogen is prescribed for them. For decades both men and women have used this therapy.

There are basically two types of therapy – estrogen and progestogen-estrogen therapy. In estrogen therapy, a low dose of estrogen is prescribed to prevent or treat the symptoms of menopause.

While in the progestogen-estrogen therapy, combined doses of estrogen and progesterone is given. Progesterone is given in the synthetic form under the name progestin. This therapy is administered for a couple of weeks every month.

How Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help Me Lose Weight?

A couple of years before the sunset of menopause, the hormone levels reduce and as a result there is an increased craving for sugar or for food rich in sugar. As one nears menopause the body produces less estrogen and the body starts using the estrogen stored in fat cells. At the same time, the level of testosterone Declines leading to the reduction of lean muscles. Lean muscles help in burning fat. When there is a decline in the lean muscles fat is accumulated leading to weight gain. This weight gain is due to the hormone imbalances and it is very difficult to shed the weight gained at the time of menopause. Only way to avoid weight gain is through hormone replacement therapy. According to one body condition with the help of a medical practitioner one can choose one of the hormone therapies.

Cardiovascular risk and weight-gain are frequently observed at the onset of menopause. Studies have been conducted to prove that HRT or the hormone replacement therapy tends to reduce weight gain during postmenopausal.

The studies have come to the conclusion that hormone replacement therapy not only prevails weight-gain but also gains weight loss due to the significant increase in the lipid oxidation. It has also been revealed that hormone therapy favorably impacts the plasma lipids, insulin response and energy expenditure.

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Fast Weight Loss For Women – 3 Great Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Some people have given up meat for tofu and other soy products believing that this will speed up weight loss. Research has shown that dieters who opt for soy burgers and soy hot dogs are not more successful at weight loss than others who consume the same amount of calories in other foods. While soy has some health benefits, it will not make you lose weight faster. You should however choose lean cuts of meat when giving up on soy burgers. And, if you can handle it, add red chile peppers to your hamburgers. It will spice it up if you can handle the heat. More about chile peppers later.

Who would not want to lose an extra ten pounds? Researchers have discovered some work out strategies to improve weight loss. The trick is introducing higher intensity exercise for part of your workout. For example, if you are cycling, try eight seconds of intense work followed by 12 seconds of lighter work. Studies have shown that his type of interval training produces catecholamines which are fat burning compounds. People who use this trick can lose up to three times more fat than steady pace exercises. You can do this for any type of exercise you do. Just intensify the work out in short bursts. After each short burst, resume your pace and gear up for another short burst. Do this over and over as part of your routine.

And you can slim down by spicing up your food intake. Add red chile peppers to your diet. They have a natural compound that has been shown to stunt the growth of fat cells and speed up metabolism at the same time.

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