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Imagine living a carefree lifestyle where you’re free from worry and able to enjoy everything life has to offer, like walks along a beautiful tropical beach. Sometimes the dream seems out of reach because of the pressures of daily life, and the stresses that go along with it. Everyone experiences stress at times- that’s normal, but when it’s out of control and produces anxiety, it needs to be dealt with.
Are you suffering from stress induced anxiety? Many women are, but don’t know how to find relief. Unfortunately, anxiety is an individualized disorder, meaning that it manifests itself differently in each person.

Some people may only feel mildly anxious in certain situations, while others may suffer from full blown panic attacks that limit their lifestyle and keep them from doing all that they want in life. Either way, relief is on the horizon. Darlene Berkel, stress management coach, has devised a brilliant workbook to help us be proactive in our fight against debilitating anxiety. She’s made it her mission to bring an end to the chest crushing monster and put us back in control! You can check out her workbook here :Click Here!
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