The Five Keys to Losing Weight

//The Five Keys to Losing Weight

The Five Keys to Losing Weight


How many of us have tried to lose weight just to give up before reaching the goal? I believe the answer is too many! Successful weight loss plans have several key factors in common. Identify these factors, add them to your plan, make the daily changes and success will be yours. Remember, the end result of a weight loss plan is reducing health risks and solidifying a healthy future.

No super sizing- control portion size

Controlling portion sizes at each meal and at snack time is essential to the weight loss process. Each meal should include 350-400 calories and a balance of carbohydrates and protein. Healthy snacks between meals should contain 80-100 calories each. The idea of ​​portion control is to even distribute the 1200-1500 calories over the entire day. Portion control limits calories, so giving you a foundation to lose weight. Remember control- eliminate the phrase supersize from your vocabulary!

Exercise, exercise and more exercise!

This is the most simple weight loss rule – without a consistent exercise plan in place results will not be maintained. Let's first start with what exercise is not. Exercise is not cleaning the house, walking around the office, cleaning the pool or shopping. It is absolutely beneficial to burn extra calories, however this can not be the primary form of calorie expenditure. Exercise is forty- five to sixty minutes five times per week of dedicated, heart rate rising activity that makes you sweat !!! Jogging, walking, biking, the elliptical machine, the treadmill, aerobics, kick boxing, playing basketball, soccer or tennis are all considered exercise. The important part of exercise is to make it a consistent part of your day. Exercise is not only the burner for your weight loss plan, it also is a great stress reducer, boosts cardiovascular function and helps with hormonal balance. Exercise is a key in limiting many risk factors for some deadly diseases such as heart disease, stroke and many types of cancer. No more excuses, yes you do have the time !!! Start exercising today !!

Water – not just for swimming!

We all seem to know the importance of water, but yet very few seem to drink enough of it daily. Each and every tissue in our body needs water to work effectively. Making sure you have enough water daily will improve digestion, give you a feeling of fullness, improve the function of your muscles and most importantly flush your system of the toxins released by you are breaking down! The basic rule of thumb for water intake is one half your body weight in ounces per day! In other words, if you weigh one hundred and fifty pounds you need to consume seventy five ounces of water per day. This is not as overwhelming as it looks. Fill up a two quart water bottle and keep it with you, refilling it throughout the day. This like all other aspects of your weight loss it simply forming a new habit. This is truly one of the most health changing habits you can form !!!

Fruits, veggies – fiber and nutrients!

One of best friends of any weight loss plan is fiber. Fiber acts like a bulldozer in the digestive tract. It will bind fat and not allow it to be absorbed. Fiber will also allow water to stay where it belongs, in the digestive tract to assist with digestion. Maintaining water balance allows your body to absorb all of the vital vitamins and nutrients from the incredibly healthy food you have been eating !! So enjoy the wonderful fruits and veggies this season is offering. Grapes, strawberries, watermelon, squash, peppers, green beans, broccoli, bananas and apples are easily found. Choose your favorites, enjoy the variety available – just make sure you add four to nine servings of fruits and veggies daily. Keep in mind, each serving is 1/2 cup, so four to nine should be quite easy if you are following a healthy weight loss plan- it should already be built into your menus.

Do not skip on the sleep!

Quality restful sleep is an important key to great health. Your body rides itself of many toxins, repairs cellular damage and gets a much needed break! Remember, as you navigate through the weight loss process, your body will need to get rid of many toxins which were stored in fat cells. Plenty of water and quality rest will assist the digestive system as well as the liver, kidneys and bladder in this detox process. Adequate rest and sleep will also help control stress and boost your body's performance through the day. Sleep deprivation and disturbances have been linked to many illnesses. Most of us need seven to eight hours of sleep per night. So sharpen up your time management skills, and allow for enough peaceful sleep – your health will thank you !!

Take the time and commit to the weight loss process. That's right commit to the process. All of the habits that you spend each day creating from portion control, exercise to adequate sleep will result in a healthy, lean and happy you !! Your life will be changed forever! Then, you will be capable of changing the health of those around you! It is a beautiful thing. It is not about the end result but rather the process that got you there! Concentrate on habit creation not the scale!


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